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The Magical Journey to Wonderland

Characters: Megan – Ballerina named Megan
Amanda – Ballerina named Amanda                                                                               Hannah – Healing fairy named Emma
Dana – Fairy named Jessica
Margaret – Princess named Rose
Adison – Princess named Ashley
Once upon a time a princess named Ashley lived in a magical castle with her imaginary best friend. One day, her friends - the ballerinas - came over so that they could go to the beach and have a party. While they were at the beach, they run into two fairies named Emma and Jessica. The two fairies tell them to go to the ocean to find Wonderland. Princess Ashley refused to go into the water so the fairy, Jessica, led the two ballerinas to Wonderland by using clues. 

After her friends leave, Ashley met another princess and they became friends. The princess, Rose, who just met Princess Ashley, was a really good ballerina so she invited Ashley to come and dance in her ballet show. The ballet show was supposed to happen the next day but neither princesses knew where it was supposed to be. The fairy, Emma, does know where the ballet show is supposed to be, so she leads the two princesses there by using clues. Ashley explained to Emma that she will not get in the water for any reason at all because she doesn’t want to get seaweed in her hair or get pinched by a crab.

Meanwhile, the ballerinas were using a boat to get to Wonderland. The boat only moved when they were dancing. Fairy, Jessica, told them that when they see a large surfboard-sculpture sticking out of the water, they have to touch it and say water. When they do this, it will come to life and guide them under water for the rest of the journey to Wonderland. Back on the beach with the princesses, Emma gave Rose some pixie dust to sprinkle on a shoe to make it fly. When Rose, Ashley and Emma reach Wonderland, a lovey crystal place, Ashley and Rose found out that it was where the ballet show was being held. They also found out that their friends, the ballerinas, were dancing in the show with them. Everyone, including the fairies, danced in the show and it was beautiful.

Written by: Hannah, Dana, Margaret, Megan, Amanda, Adison 
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